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This may seem very odd to some of you, but I have recently found out I'm in menopause, and instead of the thrill I'm supposed to have over it, I'm having some mental and emotional problems with it. IT HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH REGRETTING NOT BREEDING IN ANY WAY, I ASSURE YOU!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
If anything, that's the one good thing about menopause, it's over!

I know a lot of child-free women look forward to menopause as an end to fertility, but I had a tubal at an early age, so it's not like I would say "gee, thank god that's over". I'm having a lot of sexual issues rooted in my loss of hormones, and sex as always played a HUGE part in my life, and now I only have massive frustration. I'm also dealing with mental issues related to this, feeling "too young to be old, and too old to be young", and as if I'm in the midst of a mid-life crisis.

I don't really have an outlet, which I desperately need, so I created a blog, where I can discuss my thoughts and feelings. I think it would be great to be able to find other women who feel the way I do. If it would be appropriate, I'd like to post the link:


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Unfortunately, I had to go through both perimenopause and menopause for slightly over 5 friggin years. It totally sucked. But it all finally ended. ..except for 1 symptom: I STILL get hot flashes. They never went away. Even during the winter when its 30° out, I 'm still roasting. Anyone have any suggestions on how to cure the "hots"? :cry:

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Black Cohosh tablets worked for my hot flushes and night sweats.

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Not sure what it is you would like to discuss. I was indifferent about menopause. Happy to not have periods anymore especially after a few years unpredictable periods (my cycle was like clockwork before perimenopause). But I was worried about all the potential symptoms that sounded terrible - dryness, bladder leaks, night sweats etc. And worried that I would have enough problems to have a natural part of life medicalized by health professionals.

Here I am, 4 years in, drug/supplement free and other than annoying hot flashes still being around a bit, all the other things haven't happened, at least not yet. I wonder if many of those are more likely to happen to those who have had kids. Especially bladder leaks which all my mommy friends have various levels of issues. Some just have to go pee more frequently, others have actual leakage.

Hot flashes have gone from several times a day thing to depends on what I eat. Having them disturb my sleep has almost stopped. So nice to sleep right through the night!

I live my life the same as before, I don't use age as an excuse. I am surrounded by people older and younger. The older ones are quite athletic and keeping active helps both physically and mentally.

What specifically did you want to discuss?

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