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Unread postPosted: Tue Nov 01, 2016 7:26 pm 
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I guess I still "need" to share the story about what happened last Halloween...

it's going to take too much time at the moment, so I'll share a shorter story instead.

I was recently in my friend's wedding as her maid of honor. the entire wedding had a total of 6 people present. Bride, Groom, officiant, photog, me, and groom's best friend.

groom and friend went to wedding site (park) to meet with officiant and photog, get the little bits set up.
I stayed with Bride at house after hair to get ready. She was running around the apt looking for her earrings. she couldn't find them anywhere at all and was starting to panic. "they should be right here! this is where I always take them off!"
so I helped her look in the bedroom. nightstand, dresser, floor, other night stand, dress bag, clothes...went into bathroom to look for them and told her to focus on something else...
I took a moment while I was in the bathroom looking to focus my energy, envisioned the earrings, and asked the earrings where they were, it's important that we find you[them].
I received a vision of the earrings in the kitchen on the counter, on a blue folder, that was partially covered by a towel.

I asked my friend with a quizzical look on my face as I walked out of the bathroom "any reason they would be in the kitchen?" "no! I wouldn't have taken them off there!"
and yet I walked to the counter, found the folder, moved the towel, and picked up her earrings.

"How did you do that?!" "I just asked the earrings where they were, and they told me."

Now, this is the very first time I had visited my friend - ever. We met once before in Vegas 4 years ago and talk almost entirely online.

it was a pretty fun and special moment for us.

another thing that happened on that trip, is that we went to the airport together after the wedding. They didn't have the quart size bags for their toiletries, but they had something that would work.
As we made our way to security, I took a small handful (three or so) plastic quart bags. I gave them to my friend and told her "you'll need these" she took them and said "ok" not understanding at the time why.
While on their layover, they got a couple treats but didn't have travel containers for them. she pulled the perfectly sized plastic bags out of her pocket and wondered how I knew she would need them..."you're beginning to understand magic" I told her.

I don't consider myself wiccan so much as Pagan. I know it's large umbrella and doesn't mean anything to most people and also doesn't give people a way to identify me and my exact beliefs. I prefer it that way.

I feel like calling things magic is a way to explain things that you otherwise can't explain. How did I know? Magic. ;)

"I swear by my life, and my love of it, that I will never live for the sake of another man; or ask a man to live for mine." - Ayn Rand

Unread postPosted: Wed Nov 08, 2017 8:23 am 

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Another Fool, I'd be interested in reading your story but I totally understand if you don't feel able to share it.

I'm an atheist and I struggle because I am not sure why the supernatural stuff doesn't sit well with an atheist label. I think it's quite possible we just don't know things.

for instance I see this as normal but my mum - who is religious - completely freaked out...

my aunt, mum's sister, was very ill in hospital for a while, then got better, was discharged...we live a long way away and mum called her home the day of the release. Her daughter said "oh yes, she's perky, singing in the shower etc".

As soon as I heard that, my heart sank - I knew she was dying and I knew auntie knew she was dying and had probably just rallied in order to get released from the hospital so she could die in her own bed after having a nice shower. I didn't care what the charts said about her improving health, I just knew. And this expression came over my face....

My poor mother looked at me and said "What's wrong?" and I said "nothing!!" and put on a smile, announced I was staying the night, and waited for the call. (When I say we live a long way away, I mean, 1000s of miles, no way could we have gone there).

I think there probably is a scientific explanation for why I knew what was happening. I just don't know the scientific explanation yet!

I'm always curious about wicca and there are a couple of groups who meet nearby and say they don't mind people just going along and asking questions but I'm always freaked out by meeting strangers - especially men. Sadly I've been to a few meet up groups where people aren't there for the hobby or to make friends but just meet people to chat up and I hate that. I actually even went to a CF in London group and I swear one guy just turned up, said "I won't buy a drink because I'm off somewhere else", looked round the group and got a careful look at all the women, talked politely for 10 minutes and left!!

Sorry to go off track a bit there. I did look up female wiccan groups and all I can find is something called Dianic Wicca and all the books are very pricey. Doubt I'll find anything on that in the library. :lol:

Unread postPosted: Wed Nov 08, 2017 1:47 pm 
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^^^ I don’t find being atheist excludes recognizing that there could be a different stage of existence after this one.

I don’t think there is, because I’ve seen no credible evidence to say there is, but I certainly can imagine a scenario where our current science simply has no way of measuring or recognizing a next stage.

Maybe in 500 years, humans will look back and say, “What a bunch of loons, believing in ‘ghosts’ and ‘spirits!’ Why, even a child today knows how to stay in communication with their family and friends who’ve transitioned to Post-Corporeal via the DimensiaPhone!”

What’s that old is a record of dead religions, something like that. Maybe I watched too much Star Trek as a kid, where every other week, Spock scanned a new life form that was, “...fascinating...they have evolved to a state of pure energy...pure thought...they are as far beyond us as we are beyond the lowly mosquito...”

"Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live, it is asking others to
live as one wishes to live: and unselfishness is letting other people's
lives alone, not interfering with them."
-- Oscar Wilde

Unread postPosted: Thu Nov 09, 2017 11:15 am 

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CarryOn wrote:
Maybe in 500 years, humans will look back and say, “What a bunch of loons, believing in ‘ghosts’ and ‘spirits!’ Why, even a child today knows how to stay in communication with their family and friends who’ve transitioned to Post-Corporeal via the DimensiaPhone!””

thanks for putting that so much better than I could! But not thanks for the idea that people who annoyed you life in could still be saying "why doesn't Flower call me" in death. :lol:

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